Artist in Residence Program

At Hedy & Hopp, we’re all about connection. And artists make connections in ways other people don’t, forcing us to see the world differently. To react emotionally. To think about life more expansively.

About the Program

Each year, we’ll select an artist and showcase their work on all of our platforms. Selected artists will have their artwork featured on a variety of Hedy & Hopp brand assets, platforms and marketing channels, and will receive a stipend for the year. We champion creativity and relish this opportunity to give these artists additional exposure and recognition. It’s just one way we inspire joy and build connections among communities.

Meet the 2024 artist

Katie Mertz

Katie Mertz is a Rochester, NY based artist who channels her love for bold, bright colors, organic shapes, and intricate patterns into explosive abstract artwork.

Using wavy shapes, bright colors, and maximalist composition, Katie’s art shows the mix of chaos and beauty in her life dealing with ADHD and major depressive disorder.

Her art is a clean escape from life’s messiness, a visual feast that transcends chaos and embraces beauty. Katie believes in the healing power of art. Beyond the canvas, she draws inspiration from nature, finds solace in running, and enjoys the freedom of bike rides.

Advocating for neurodiversity and accessibility is Katie’s passion, as she strives to be a firecracker advocate in her local community through professional and personal channels. For Katie, acrylic paints become the medium for expressing the intricate dance of life’s emotions.

Former Artists in Residence

Explore the joy from our former Artists in Residence and some of their amazing work.

Lauren Younge, 2023
Jessica Hitchcock, 2022