We are, marketing happy

We are a healthcare marketing agency focused on holistically activating effective and emotional connections between brands and patients. Here you’ll discover how we do it and why we love doing it.

What we do improves patients’ lives, and that should be fun.

It’s why we are, marketing happy.


Improving Patients’ Access to Care

We build environments that create meaningful connections, that push boundaries, and deliver unexpected and positive outcomes. We see things differently, so we can make a difference.

We do it in a community of clients and team members, who like us, find true purpose and joy out of maximizing every day to make people’s lives better.

While many companies like to call themselves family, we purposefully do not. Hedy & Hopp will never be as important as the families or loved ones of our clients and team members. And frankly, we don’t want to be. Instead, we are a community where unique individuals are their true selves, aligned with a shared passion to help make a difference.

Core Values

Our values are the foundation of our purpose and we live them every day. Because that’s how we build the
meaningful relationships with our team and our clients so we both grow.

Kind over Nice.

We prefer real relationships and real growth that are built upon
honest, respectful truths and conversations.


Pivot with Positivity.

A mindset that change is inevitable and we can either be afraid of it
or embrace it. We choose to embrace it and walk towards it with


Assume Good Intent.

We commit to always having the conversations and assuming good
intent with our coworkers and clients.


Own the Solve.

Encourages each of us to take personal responsibility for making things
happen and achieving results. Always push to find the reason something
CAN be done vs. CAN’T be done.

Building A Community

What we do is purposeful, meaningful and fun. It’s almost impossible to have a bad day when, at the end of it, you’ve done something positive to improve someone’s life. Joining the Hedy & Hopp community is all about celebrating each other, what we accomplish together and pushing everyone around us to strive farther, lift higher, aspire greater. We advocate for those who stretch boundaries, pursue the unexpected and embrace any challenge.

The Artist in Residence Program

Our Artist in Residence program brings together community, business, and creativity through the celebration of artists and their work. Art brings us joy, inspires us, heals us, but most of all it connects us, because all art affects each of us deeply and emotionally. Each year, Hedy & Hopp will showcase an artist, connecting their art to our community and inspiring all to share their passions and pursuits.

Artist in Residence