A path to privacy-forward, compliant healthcare marketing

Hedy & Hopp is your proven partner to help you navigate major changes to the privacy landscape, update your solutions, and get back to what you really love – marketing.

Privacy requirements for healthcare marketing have changed dramatically.

We’re here to help you keep up.

New HIPAA guidelines, FTC rulings, and state laws on data privacy mean many tools healthcare marketers relied on for years are now non-compliant.

Most marketing teams are “flying blind” with no data and trying to solve these new privacy problems while still needing to hit their marketing goals.

That’s why we created privacy audit and analytics setup services designed help healthcare marketers get compliant – and get back to marketing.

Let’s Talk Privacy

Privacy & Compliance Audits

Our proven process audits your patient-facing marketing setup to identify privacy risks and deliver tailored recommendations to help you move forward with compliant patient marketing.

This process gets your entire team – legal included! – educated on your current risk levels and aligned on a path forward.

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Compliant Server-Side Analytics Setup

Get your analytics data back without having to buy and implement a new, expensive platform? It’s possible!

Our flat-fee server-side analytics programs allow you to keep your Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics setup in a compliant way.

Use us to consult on your own in-house team’s setup, or let us fully implement your server-side analytics from end-to-end.

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Ready to get compliant and get back to marketing?

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