understand and act on changing marketing privacy guidelines for healthcare organizations

Our proven audit process helps healthcare marketers and their legal teams assess their risk and make the changes needed to feel confident among ever-changing privacy guidelines.

Do you need help figuring out the new patient privacy guidelines impacting your marketing?

We can help you (and your legal team) make sense of it.

New HIPAA guidelines, FTC rulings and privacy-focused state laws have turned the patient marketing landscape upside-down.

Healthcare marketers like you are caught between tools and tactics you’ve relied on for years to hit your goals and new standards of compliance from regulators – with no clear answer on what to do next.

Our Privacy & Compliance Audits are designed to help you understand your organization’s specific risk across all applicable laws – and get you and your legal team agreeing on next steps.

Let’s Talk Privacy Audits

Our Three-Step Privacy & Compliance Process

As healthcare marketers ourselves, Hedy & Hopp is here to make sure your marketing efforts are compliant and effective — while providing peace of mind for patients (and your legal team).

To get you there, we designed a detailed process in partnership with an attorney specialized in digital healthcare and privacy compliance, including HIPAA and GDPR.

Step 1: Audit

Once we align on specific areas of compliance concern for your company (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.), our team reviews your current marketing analytics tools, campaigns, third-party tags, CRMs – any tool marketing is using to drive patient volumes. We will flag areas of concern and our attorney will review our audit findings and confirm alignment.

Step 2: Educate

We have created a sliding scale of compliance to help legal teams communicate where they would like their marketing compliance to land. Do you want a gold star from OCR? Or are you OK with a moderate approach? We’ll educate you on the scale and your team will dictate your organization’s compliance goals.

Step 3: Recommend

With your compliance goals in mind, we’ll create a recommendations document that outlines your path forward, including changes to your marketing analytics technology and digital marketing tactics. After our recommendations are presented, your legal team can talk with our attorney to ask about our approach, reasons for guidance, etc. Our #1 goal is to ensure both sides of your team are aligned with a new plan.

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