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A strong search engine optimization practice matters more than ever when it comes to showing up when – and where – your audience needs you. But it also demands more than ever – like tailored content, technical excellence, navigating constant change (AI and algorithm changes, anyone?). Lean on us our expertise to help make it easy – and make it happen.

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We get it – just thinking about SEO strategy can feel like a full time job. Here are a few of the top SEO needs clients come to us with and how we help them get growing.


We’re creating content, but what about the technical side of SEO?

Content is king, but it’s not the only thing when it comes to high-performing SEO. With constant changes to search algorithms, now everything from site architecture to mobile responsiveness can impact how well your website ranks in search results.

From crawl settings to core web vitals, we’ll conduct a full technical review of your site and work with you on implementing short, medium, and long-term changes to make your site as easy for Google to crawl as it is for your visitors to use.


What keywords should I be targeting, and how much content should I create?

Healthcare brands have many topics to cover, making keyword selection and content creation a bit overwhelming. We’ll work with you to understand your audience, market landscape, current rankings, and areas of opportunity – all in the context of organic search. We’ll go deep into keyword research, prioritize terms based on your goals, and translate it all into an organic content strategy that we’ll help you execute.


How do I optimize our search rankings for multiple locations and markets?

In healthcare marketing, it’s all about showing up when – and where – someone needs you. Ensuring the right location shows up to the right searchers requires a well-orchestrated content and technical SEO strategy. We’ll look at everything from multi-site structures to local listings and beyond to create a localized SEO playbook that will scale as your practice grows.


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