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An Independent, Female-Owned Healthcare Marketing Agency

This is Hedyology™

We create integrated marketing solutions that reach the core of who patients truly are to provide a more meaningful and emotional connection with your brand.

By integrating your brand into a patient’s life, we create work that works. Work that resonates emotionally so patients form lasting relationships with you and your brand.

Whether B2B or B2C, we believe the patient is always the center.

And we do this with clients who share our passion to improve access to healthcare in an environment of joy and positivity.

We are, marketing happy.

Our Story

HIPAA & FTC 101 For Marketers

March 10, 2023 (St. Louis, MO) – After Jenny’s two-part series on the new HHS bulletin and movement from the FTC from two experts, she is recapping and giving a broad overview emphasizing the most essential parts you need to know.


What We Do

People are constantly exposed to information, so they know and understand a lot of things. But what they remember, what they internalize, is how they’re made to feel. At Hedy & Hopp we find the insights that allow us to develop lasting and effective marketing initiatives that engage a patient emotionally.

We go beyond mere marketing strategies and cookie-cutter activation tactics, and integrate your brand into your patient’s life. Regardless if we’re tackling marketing through B2B or B2C – the patient is always the focus. Drawing from our deep expertise in brand strategy, digital media, decision science, and marketing technology, our team develops and implements marketing initiatives at key engagement points along your patient’s journey.

We build our initiatives on a data-forward foundation so we can assess and optimize performance across the patient journey. And we combine that with an ability to recognize behavior patterns to leverage the full value of your marketing efforts.

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To get to your how, we have to know your patient’s why. Let’s chat about how Hedy & Hopp can help you create more meaningful connections for better patient experiences.

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