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A marketing agency that’s full-service and fully healthcare.

From creative and analytics to strategy and tactics, our team has the expertise to deliver healthcare marketing that brings you results – and joy.

Our Full-Service Healthcare Marketing Capabilities

Marketing & Audience Strategy

Use data to discover who your best audiences really are and what they really want to develop experiences that meet their needs and hit your goals.

Paid Media & Campaign Management

Bring your marketing strategies to life across audiences and channels through campaigns that are designed to deliver.

Data & Analytics

No one gets more joy out of data and analytics than we do. We’ll help you find joy in using data to design and improve upon your marketing programs.

Website Design & Development

We’ll combine user analytics, best practice design, and the right functionality so that your website delivers joy and results.

Campaign Testing & Optimization

Optimize your marketing campaigns from every angle to take them from good to complete goal-getters.

Search Engine Optimization

Blend content, technical and local SEO strategies to make sure you show up when and where your audience is searching.

Branding & Creative

Capture audience attention and drive results with high-performing creative that, well, just works.

Healthcare Marketing Compliance Audits

Ensure your healthcare marketing efforts are compliant and effective as privacy guidelines evolve.

This is the way healthcare marketing oughta work.

We know it’s not just what we do that makes a difference – it’s how we do it. Whether we’re working on a one-term project or a long-term retainer, we promise to always:

Be Data-Forward

Our roots are in analytics and performance marketing. Every project we do is based on data and designed for measurement – no more wondering what is or isn’t working with us.

Put Patients at the Center

Whether B2B or B2C, we believe the patient is always at the center. By integrating your brand into a patient’s life in a way that creates meaning and connection, we create work that works.

Connect the Dots

Healthcare marketing is cross-disciplinary, and so are we. We’re structured to connect the dots between strategy and execution, analytics and creative, paid and organic, and more to create marketing programs that look, feel, and perform cohesively.

See Around the Corner

From patients and providers to payers and pharma, the Hedy & Hopp team has deep marketing experience across healthcare. We know the industry and where the market – and its marketing – is going, allowing us to help you navigate what’s ahead and what to do about it.

Focus on You

Every client is a little bit different. Our work works because we focus on what matters to you, your organization, and your audience. We love clients that push us, and we never push for a strategy, approach or framework just because it’s how we’ve always done it.

Like results as much as we do?

Check out our case studies to see examples of healthcare marketing work that, well, works.

Let’s get, marketing happy.

We love the challenges and rewards that come with healthcare marketing–and we’d love to work together and help you hit your goals.

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