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Creative Content Boosts Traffic on St. Louis Children’s Hospital Blog by 102%


St. Louis Children’s Hospital, consistently ranked among the best pediatric hospitals in the country, publishes an educational, written blog called MomDocs, which delivers information directly from the hospital’s female physicians to parents on a variety of medical topics. The doctors are both moms and pediatric specialists, representing the newborn intensive care unit, psychology, the emergency room, and more.

The hospital wanted to boost traffic and engagement on the site to ensure as many parents as possible received valuable information as well as to increase considerations of St. Louis Children’s Hospital for future care. They also sought to further elevate the sense of warmth and approachability that not only the hospital is known for but also helps create peace of mind for parents whose children are being treated.

So, we developed comprehensive landing pages that featured all Access to Care programs (urgent care, primary care, and virtual care) and had a simpli􀆮ed user journey. These landing pages were designed to drive a user to schedule an appointment with clear and direct calls-to-action (CTA) were placed in key locations. These also helped patients easily and quickly 􀆮nd the care they needed.

Eventually, we evolved the scheduling CTAs into an interactive modal that allowed users to see their selected doctor along with appointment availability broken down by date and time, including Children’s and Maternity hospitals. 

Additionally, we integrated a call tracking tool that provided insights into user behavior and effectiveness across specific marketing sources. During the implementation of the tool, we discovered HIPAA issues with their previous call tracking vendor. We quickly conducted an in-depth audit to identify areas where personally identifiable information (PII) was potentially at risk and corrected all issues before any patient data was lost or mishandled.

Our initial work culminated in a measurement program that tracked patients’ behaviors throughout their time on the site, which offered insights into how patients got to a finished behavior such as scheduling an appointment or starting a virtual care consultation. 

For the first time, the healthcare network could measure the true effectiveness of their campaigns to attract new patients and optimize the programs accordingly.

The client was so delighted with our work and the new insights it provided that they awarded us additional work. 

They wanted us to consolidate all of their paid media efforts, which were previously managed by each individual hospital. We centralized all of their campaigns into a more cohesive national approach. This effort included the development of landing pages for the campaign, management of paid media and client training. 


In the first year, audience engagement grew more than six-fold since the first Facebook Live video posting. The first video had 4,000 views and some episodes of the series had up to 25,000 views. Each episode averaged 200 reactions, comments, and shares. The MomDocs series is now the top playlist on the hospital’s YouTube channel, with a 63% watch time, over four times the average of other playlists

Increased web traffic
Top views of an episode
Reactions per episode

The program increased traffic to the website by 102% in an 18-month comparison, where new users doubled. Additionally, referral traffic from the MomDocs blog to the main St. Louis Children’s Hospital website increased by 25% over that same 18-month period.