Campaign Testing & Optimization for Healthcare Marketing

Our data-forward approach will find the right levers to pull and take your marketing results to the next level.

End-to-end optimization to help you get growing.

Campaign optimization combines several of our capabilities (like Analytics & Insights, Branding & Creative, and Paid Media & Campaign Management) to help your marketing campaigns perform at their fullest potential.

We’ll evaluate and optimize every corner of your campaign, from the first line of ad copy to key conversion points on your website, to maximize results and budget efficiency.

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Your optimization questions are our marketing happy – and we’re happy to help.

We love nothing more than helping you get the most out of your marketing campaigns. Here are a few of the top needs clients come to us with in this area and how we help them get growing.


My campaign is plateauing – how do I get it back to growth?

When campaigns are running steady, it’s not always easy to identify the right levers to pull to keep it growing. We’ll dig into the data to analyze your campaign’s past performance, develop testing and optimization plans across touchpoints (including media channels, targeting, and your website experience), and help you implement, measure, and refine them to keep your campaign results trending upward.


What can I do to get more results from my limited budget?

Whether it’s serving a bigger geographic area, supporting more lines of business, dealing with budget cuts, or all of the above, more and more healthcare marketers are being challenged to do more with less. By working with us to analyze your campaigns from end-to-end, we’ll help you find areas you can get more efficiency out of your budget and implement optimizations to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar spent.


Does my campaign creative need a refresh?

After some time in the market, it can be hard to look at your creative objectively. We take a data-forward approach to creative, making us the right partner to help you find creative that performs. We’ll analyze the results of your current creative through ad platform and website analytics and identify areas of optimization. Then, we’ll help produce new assets and deploy them through A/B tests to determine what creative approaches really move the needle on your KPIs.


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