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Connect with your audience and propel your business forward through authentic, differentiated branding and creative.

Branding and creative that has meaning for your audience – and your business.

To us, effective branding and creative are more than just the right colors and words. They represent the essence of what you do and why your audience should care. And it needs to drive results, too. 

At Hedy & Hopp, our approach to brand and creative work is all about establishing an emotional bond between your audience and your brand. From brand strategy to asset production, we’ll bring your brand to life in a way that wins hearts and minds and delivers on your objectives.

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Your brand and creative needs are our marketing happy – and we’re happy to help.

Whether you’re building a brand from scratch, launching a new campaign, or just looking for a refresh, our creative juices are flowing. Here are a few of the creative needs clients come to us with and how we get to work.


Building A New Brand

Creating a new brand is a big undertaking – and we’re here to help you do it with joy! Through a series of strategy sessions and audience research, we’ll dive into your market, your business objectives, and your target customers to uncover what makes your brand relevant, unique, and authentic. Then, we’ll transform those insights into a robust brand foundation that includes core principles, voice and tone, key messages, and an ownable visual identity – everything you need to launch your brand into the market.


Creating A Compelling Marketing Campaign

To create a marketing campaign that cuts through the clutter, we’ll start by developing a deep understanding of your audience, your category, and your brand to determine what will really resonate with your target customers – and why. Then, we’ll use those insights to develop creative concepts to help you connect emotionally with your target – and stand out from the crowd. Once we finalize a concept, we’ll produce creative assets across every touchpoint of your engagement strategy to create a cohesive experience from end to end.


Refreshing An Existing Brand

From changes in market dynamics to new acquisitions, products, or capabilities, many factors can drive you to rethink how your brand shows up in the world. We’ll partner with you on a series of brand strategy workshops and market research to identify what needs to change and why – and we’ll keep your target audience at the center of it all. From there, we’ll develop a new foundation for your brand, including key messages and visual identity, update or create new brand assets, and reintroduce your brand into the market.


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