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Analytics Deep Dive Uncovers Actionable Intel

Marketing Analytics & Insights  |  Nationally Recognized Children’s Hospital

The Opportunity

Deeper insights needed for data-driven marketing decisions.

A nationally recognized children’s hospital had a goal to reach more patients through an enhanced, data-driven marketing approach. To help achieve this, they needed to make sure the right type of data was collected – and in the right way – to inform business decisions and prove the value of key marketing initiatives. Not only did they need accurate, reliable data to do this, but they also needed to ensure that patient data was being handled in compliant ways according to big changes in privacy guidelines. 

While the hospital had an internal team with the skills to manage their Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) accounts, they recognized they had some gaps in advanced measurement strategies and in navigating new compliance requirements. The hospital knew that working with an outside group – particularly one that specializes in custom, HIPAA­-compliant analytics projects – could help take their data-driven decision making to the next level.

The Solution

A comprehensive audit of all things analytics.

After aligning to stakeholder objectives and diving into the hospital’s Google Analytics and GTM accounts, our team provided detailed recommendations for: custom analytics goals and events, content groupings, custom dimensions and metrics, and ways to future-proof tags and triggers in GTM 

We delivered a comprehensive, objective-driven measurement plan, site-wide tagging recommendations, and suggestions for longer-term practices to better analyze marketing spend and on-site behaviors.

We also provided specific guidance on implementing our recommendations with server-side GTM to keep patient PHI & PII protected and achieve compliance with new guidelines.

The Results

A secure and streamlined setup to deliver value-creating analysis.

Key Google Analytics recommendations
Unnecessary websites removed
Google Tag Manager tags for removal/consolidation

Our work empowered the internal analytics team to focus more time on generating valuable insights for the hospital and its marketing campaigns.

With our help, the client stopped spending time sifting through unnecessary data and started identifying actionable insights that, ultimately, helped them reach more patients. By the end of the project, we were able to deliver the above.

Plus, with our guidance on how to adapt their sophisticated setup to stay compliant amid changes to patient privacy guidelines, the hospital was able to maintain access to critical analytics through a tighter, more compliant infrastructure for handling patient PHI and PII.

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