Competitive Intel program

Gain clear, actionable, and impactful insights into your competitor’s marketing tactics —then do them better.

Ready to knock competitive research off of your to-do list?

Competitive research is a task that always seems to fall to the bottom of many marketers’ to-do lists. But, as you’re planning your 2025 marketing strategy, having insight on the positioning and marketing strategies of your top competitors can be a critical factor to guide your decision-making process.

We have built a quick-turn, one-time package that will dive into your top 3 competitors and compare their messaging, positioning, and marketing tactics.

Our Competitive Intel Program is great for you if:

  • You haven’t had time to do a proper competitive analysis to provide insight into your own strategy
  • You don’t understand the benefits and advantages that your competitors are using against you
  • You aren’t sure where/how your competitors are marketing for patient acquisition programs
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Competitive Intel Program

Base Package

An in-depth analysis of your top three competitors’ messaging, positioning, and digital strategies. Choose your own competitors or have the H&H team choose top-ranked competitors.


  • Tactics, Marketing Mix, & Messaging
  • Paid Media Strategies
  • Content Strategies
  • Video Utilization
  • Innovative Marketing Strategies
  • Service Line/Business Area Focus
  • Organic Content Trends

One-Time Cost:

  • $18,000
Competitive Intel Program

Intel+ Package

Unlock everything from the base package, PLUS an exclusive deep dive into three critical areas designed to uniquely position your organization ahead of the competition.


  • Find-A-Doctor Technology
  • Book an Appointment UX
  • Website Analytics
  • CRM/Marketing Automation
  • Owned Apps
  • PR and Public Speaking Strategies
  • Online Reviews

One-Time Cost:

  • $24,000

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