Private Equity + Due Diligence

Integrate our comprehensive Digital Due Diligence into your process
and gain holistic insight about your target’s digital presence.

We conduct Digital Due Diligence that drives actionable intelligence in ways generally neglected by sponsors

Private equity firms trust Hedy & Hopp to help them make informed and, most importantly, data-driven decisions when it comes to potential acquisitions. If an acquisition target leverages digital marketing as a lead generation tool or sales channel, it is important to understand the sophistication of a target’s marketing initiatives, the competitive landscape, and the opportunity for growth in the market using digital marketing initiatives. We understand the time-sensitive nature of this work — so we’re nimble and always focused on helping your team make smarter decisions, faster.

Hedy & Hopp is trusted by PE firms across the country to provide insights during an acquisition and to be their growth partner post acquisition.

Our Digital Due Diligence Report Includes

  • Budget and ROI Projections
  • MarTech Stack Review
  • Marketing Automation Opportunities
  • Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Web Presence Analysis
  • Compliance and Security Issues
  • Digital Growth Strategy

We Adapt As Your Ownership Team Evolves

Our team specializes in evaluating add-on acquisitions, providing guidance on how the deal impacts existing digital strategies and opportunity identi cation to drive additional revenue. We provide insight on how to leverage cross-company sales opportunities, optimize marketing technologies, and streamline marketing ROI measurement across companies.

H&H provides us data in due diligence which we otherwise would not consider – insights not only related to how customers identify and interact with our business targets, but also thoughts around ways to make that identification and interaction easier and more profitable.
Their efforts have added value in creative ways as part of our diligence efforts.