Jump-Start Patient Acquisition Program

Assess and test your patient marketing programs ahead of your 2025 planning.

Why Jump-Start with Hedy & Hopp?

Planning for 2025 but still determining if your patient acquisition program is optimized? Hedy & Hopp now offers a quick-turn program to reinvigorate your patient acquisition campaigns.

Building upon almost a decade of success with compliant patient acquisition marketing, we’ve developed a Jump-Start Patient Acquisition Program for new clients to quickly audit, optimize, and test a more robust digital program.

This program is great for you if:

  • You have used the same patient acquisition tactics for a while, and your campaigns have run stale
  • You’re unhappy with your current campaign reporting.
  • Maybe the reports aren‘t detailed enough or they don‘t consider the right details
  • You’re curious about other tactics or best practices you’ve not been able to explore yet
  • You want an objective assessment of your patient acquisition campaign performance ahead of 2025 budgeting
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Our Four-Step Patient Acquisition Process

The Jump-Start Program has four steps and will focus on one service line/business area for six months, making it easy to get started and help you gain valuable insights to incorporate into your 2025 planning.

Step 1: Campaign and Performance Audit

Dive deep with our team of strategists, analytics specialists, and paid media experts. We meticulously audit your existing campaign structures, messaging, tagging, and performance to spotlight improvement opportunities. New to promoting a particular service line? No worries, you’ll pivot directly to step two.

Step 2: Campaign Optimization Strategy

Armed with audit insights, we craft a comprehensive optimization strategy. Expect recommended adjustments spanning channels, tactics, messages, KPIs, and budgets—tailored to elevate your campaign’s reach and impact.

Step 3: Campaign Launch and Test

Utilizing our proven best practices, we will efficiently launch and test new campaigns across multiple channels and will utilize a scalable measurement framework to test changes and reinvigorate performance quickly.

Step 4: Campaign Performance Dashboard

Our marketing analytics team will build a campaign reporting dashboard that lets you quickly assess performance and see full funnel conversion – from click to new patient engagement.

Program Timeline & Investment

As healthcare marketer, every dollar you invest comes with its own microscope. We understand the pressure and pledge transparency in our pricing, ensuring you see the value in every cent spent. If our figures and timeline align with your vision, let’s chat and turn scrutiny into strategy.

This program is structured to run as a six-month sprint:

  • Month 1: Kick-off, Audit, & Strategy
  • Month 2: New Program Launch
  • Months 3–6: Ongoing Optimizations and Learnings

Program Cost: $8,500/month for six months

Media Budget: Up to $30,000/month
(We will provide market research and final media budget recommendations in Step #2.)

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Real Clients, Real Success

In just four months after launch, one of our clients’ monthly face-to-face appointments increased by 30% and virtual care visits rose by 37%. Some regions saw visits grow by 65% in only 30 days of the program’s launch. We more than doubled the effectiveness of the paid budget.

Scheduling increase
Increase in virtual care visits
Efficacy of the paid budget

A Partner You Can Trust

Our Google Premier Partner status puts us in the top 3% of agencies in the United States utilizing Google Ads for their clients.

Premier Partner status is determined by a combination of Campaign Performance, Total Spend Managed, and Certifications held by Hedy & Hopp team members.

Our exclusive focus on healthcare marketing, combined with Google Premier Partner status, ensures you’ll receive focused and effective recommendations.

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Like results as much as we do?

Check out the full case study to see more details on patient acquisition marketing work that, well, works.

Let’s get, marketing happy.

We love the challenges and rewards that come with healthcare marketing – and we’d love to work together and help you hit your goals.

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