Every Day We Get To Make Somebody’s Life A Little Bit Better

We integrate your brand into a patient’s life. We do it with holistic, integrated marketing solutions that work because they start at the core of the patient. Solutions that lead to meaningful and lasting connections that create better patient experiences.

Creating Better Patient Experiences

We believe that a healthcare brand’s first opportunity to have a positive impact on a patient’s experience starts just as soon as the patient begins a search for a provider or healthcare information. This is the moment a brand can begin to make a connection with a patient.

The ever-changing healthcare landscape constantly creates more obstacles patients must navigate in order to find and receive care. At Hedy & Hopp our focus is to help patients successfully navigate the healthcare landscape by integrating your brand into their life at the right place at the right time. Our experience across healthcare, consumer marketing, technology, and analytics, ideally positions us to create those connections to engage your patients.

Our Services

Everything we do is focused on the patient. And it all begins with a deeper understanding of who they are and what they want. Because to get to your how, we have to understand your patient’s why.

Our team’s deep background in B2C, as well as B2B marketing strategy, allows us to keep the patient impact front and center, with clients ranging from pharma to physician groups, hospital systems, and med tech.

We call that Hedyology™

It’s the way we create integrated marketing initiatives to go beyond siloed services, and they’re built on a foundation of behavior driven insights and result in solutions that resonate with your patients. By integrating our solutions into the patient’s life, we create work that works. For you.

Strategy & Planning

Prior to activation and tactics, we get to know the patient. Through data gathering, market assessments and audits, we build targeted personas, journey maps and patient-centric activation plans, delivering lasting and effective marketing initiatives.

Analytics & Decision Science

All marketing initiatives are built on a foundation of data-forward insights, within an analytics framework enabling real-time and retroactive performance analysis. From data audits to tagging and data implementation strategies, our team connects disparate data sources across healthcare platforms to help you track engagement across the patient journey.

Performance Reporting & Dashboards

We bridge the gap between data and insights with custom reporting and marketing dashboards making data accessible and digestible. Performance data mapping and intuitive interfaces enable you to identify areas of opportunity or success, proving the value of marketing efforts.

Web Development & Hosting

Based on the unique needs of your patient and your brand, we develop web-based platforms that support the desired patient experience — and improve upon it.

Marketing Technology

We build and connect different data sources across martech and healthcare specific platforms delivering a better patient experience. From CRM set-up and management, to third party healthcare platform integration, our team builds multi-touch engagement solutions within a HIPAA compliant environment.

Experience & Activation

Using a variety of marketing tactics and mediums, we create connected experiences along the patient journey. From building awareness and engagement through paid media and search engine optimization, to nurturing brand relationships via content development and marketing, our solutions successfully guide patients through their customer journey bringing them closer to your brand.

A Few of Our Client Partners

We partner with clients who, like us, get true joy out of creating the environments and meaningful connections that make people’s lives better. With our clients, we develop real, purposeful relationships that drive towards collaborative change and deliver better patient experiences. With these clients we are, marketing happy.

Bonyen Lee-Gilmore
Vice President of Strategy and Communications,
Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri
“Hedy & Hopp has given our team the expertise to make efficient, informed, and patient-centered decisions in one of the most challenging landscapes when it comes to sexual and reproductive healthcare. Their careful guidance and thoughtful partnership is a critical capacity builder for the Planned Parenthood marketing team. We are grateful for their collaboration and highly recommend them to any affiliate that needs an extra hand in digital analytics and advertising work.”
Jenifer Warrell
Sr. Director Marketing,
Quartz Health Solutions, Inc.
“Quartz knows that a strong, intuitive digital presence is essential to meeting our members where they are and ensuring they have a seamless customer experience. Thanks to the team at Hedy & Hopp, we were able to redesign our website using real customer insights—increasing our digital traffic and improving our members’ user experience. Hedy & Hopp helped us to streamline our digital process so that we can focus our time and attention on meaningful content that makes an impact on our members.”

When we say it works, it works

Informed by behavior-driven insights and integrated into the patient’s life, we create work that works.