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Shifting to an audience-centric marketing approach through the development of customer personas

Marketing & Audience Strategy |  Quartz Health Solutions

The Challenge

How do you recenter your organization’s perspective to one that’s from the audience’s point of view? 

That’s what our client, Quartz Health Solutions, needed to tackle. They realized their perception of their members stemmed from their own assumptions, rather than insights that were member-driven. To shift the organization’s take on members, they first needed to understand their members from the member’s point of view, so Quartz came to us to develop member personas that would enable their entire organization to understand the needs, wants and desires of their members.

The Solution

Member data analysis provided key insights to develop perspective-shifting personas.

With a mound of member enrollment data from the last 5 years coupled with qualitative insights from a current member survey (all handled through a HIPAA-compliant manner, of course), we dug in to uncover patterns and behaviors. A deep analysis of the data revealed who the main archetype was within each line of business. With this information in place, we were then able to analyze the refined set of data to gather the demographic, behavior, health, and Quartz-relationship information for each archetype.   

We reviewed all of the analyzed data in order to effectively craft 8 personas across 5 lines of business. Each persona spoke from that person’s perspective – how they live their lives, their wants, challenges, health needs, views of Quartz, and how they interact with Quartz. They were brought to life in such a way that allowed them to be used and activated across the organization.

The Results

The personas helped Quartz shift their understanding of who their customers are. For example, it was well established that the main customer for one line of business was a mid-40s woman. After our data analysis and persona development, it turned out that the top archetypes for that line of business were a woman in her early 60s and a woman in her mid-20s. This shift in perspective resulted in Quartz better grasping a prime opportunity for long-term growth within the Medicare Advantage market, as well as enabling them to better speak to the needs of a woman in her mid-20s to ensure she is a long-term Quartz member. 

Quartz now uses these personas as their foundation to improve communications, engage and support not only current members, but also prospective ones.

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