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Building a Personal Brand with Positivity on LinkedIn

Today Jenny welcomes Sunny Yarrish, Director of Marketing, Digital, and Omnichannel at Myriad Genetics. On this episode, Sunny’s journey into personal branding on LinkedIn takes center stage. Although Sunny humbly claims not to be an expert, she gets results and emphasizes the power of consistency over perfection.

Her content’s positive impact is evident through messages from old friends, demonstrating the significance of meaningful one-on-one conversations. Sunny’s experience highlights that a life worth sharing yields valuable content, prompting listeners to rethink their LinkedIn presence and approach.

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Jenny: [00:00:00] Hi, friends. Welcome to today’s episode of We Are, Marketing Happy – a Healthcare Marketing Podcast. I’m Jenny Bristow, I’m your host. I’m the CEO at Hedy & Hopp, a Healthcare Marketing Agency. And today I am so excited to have Sunny Yarrish. She’s the Director of Marketing, Digital and Omnichannel at Myriad Genetics.

Welcome, Sunny.

Sunny: Hi, Jenny. Good morning. Thank you for having me. 

Jenny: So, I have become a huge follower and fan of the content that you post on LinkedIn. And that’s our topic today. So, I’m excited to have you on to talk a little bit about personal branding, because one of the topics that we hear about a lot is figuring out how to develop a personal brand on LinkedIn and the benefits of it.

So, you started a challenge in February this year. Tell our listeners a little bit about it. 

Sunny: Oh, Jenny, thank you. I’m actually humbled to be here to [00:01:00] discuss this topic, because by no means I figured out everything. So I will treat this as a conversation, Jenny, kind of to reflect this journey since February, maybe at the end of this conversation, my answer will be more clear through this conversation.

So, yes. I guess before February this year, I was a very passive consumer on LinkedIn. So, I consume information. I treat LinkedIn as a platform when you announce bigger milestones, like you change your job, you got a promotion. So, you do that once a year or once a few years, you go there to say, hey, this is big news. That’s it.

So I think more and more when I spent time on LinkedIn, I saw people publish very interesting or educational or inspiring content. So, I would tend to like their content. So, even commented. So, I guess, February this [00:02:00] year, I started thinking is, I want to switch the role.

I don’t want to just sit there and just kind of consume information. I want to be a contributor to that platform. So, I guess, that’s how I put a switch on. So, why do I do it? Why do I set a challenge to do that every day? So, my challenge is every weekday, Monday through Friday. But, why switch a challenge on is, I think, before I get good at this, first stop is I want to be very consistent.

So, how consistent? Let’s make it simple. Monday to Friday. Every morning at eight o’clock. 

Jenny: I love it, Sunny. And I love that you’re focused on consistency over perfection. Because I think that’s one thing that prevents people from doing things in their professional or personal lives is the fear of not being perfect.

But, I will tell you that one commonality with all of your posts is optimism and positivity. That’s one of the reasons I love following your content is, I know on my feed, it’s always going to be something uplifting. [00:03:00] It’s always going to make me just pause for a moment and reflect. So how do you decide what you’re going to post every day?

Sunny: Yeah, so how do I decide what I’m going to post every day? Right? So, I kind of sit down. So, I put a list of topics, what I’m interested in. So, of course, I’m a marketer, so I’m always interested in publishing lessons learned in the marketing field, especially in the healthcare space. So, sometime I’ll touch on a medical advancement, especially in my field.

So, that will be one of the topics. And, also I’m a huge advocate of personal health and growth. So, you will see, I will touch on the health topic in terms of running, fitness, forming good, long-lasting habits. How do we do that? And, personal growth is, I’m also an advocate of lifelong learning.

I always believe that the moment we stop learning is the moment we, [00:04:00] just being content with what we do, then we stop living the best of us. So, growth is another topic. So, if you’re putting this kind of health, growth, and marketing. So, I’m trying to get a good balance among the five days.

So touch on a couple of days on this topic, couple of days on that topic. That’s how I do it. 

Jenny: I love it. That is wonderful. And, I’ve definitely noticed those pillars in your content. And, I will say the one about running definitely makes me feel like I need to go be more active. Your 5am runs to catch the sunrise.

I’m so impressed with you. So, talk to me about benefits you’ve seen so far, because I know one of the things that maybe prevents people from doing it is not really understanding the end goal or what benefits may come from it. So, I know you say, you’re not an expert, you’re just learning, but you’ve been doing this since February.

So, talk to us a little bit about the benefits you’ve seen. 

Sunny: Yeah, when you say end goal, so since I start posting regularly, [00:05:00] believe or not, I got a text message or phone calls or LinkedIn message from my old friends. So, they were all asking, saying, hey, we notice you post very consistently. So, Sunny, what’s your end goal here?

Truly, I have to sit back, reflect, what is my end goal? So, I think, sometimes without a clear end goal is when I post something, I feel I spend a lot of time on posting, I got very few likes. I’m telling you, everyone has the vanity metric. So, in the marketing, we all have a metric.

So I feel like it’s disheartening. Why am I doing this? Why I’m kind of show up every day to do this then? But whenever I feel that way, Jenny, then I will tend to get, again, a comment or text message from people I haven’t, I guess, haven’t been touched for a long time. They just text me and email me saying, Sunny, we become your followers.

Then, your message is so [00:06:00] uplifting, actually touched me. I just want to let you know. So, I think from that moment is another thing is telling me is, when you show up on LinkedIn, just again, stop thinking about those vanity metrics. Really treating it as the one on one conversation with people.

And Jenny, you can tell I’m a pretty optimistic person. You see that. So, I want to be a source of positivity. So, I want to be able to relate the lessons I learned from the mistake I make or from the life journey I made. I want to be able to share that. So, if I just touch on one person, that’s good. So, treat that as a one on one conversation and also for the personal benefits.

Here’s I feel the most benefit to me is, when I just started posting back to February, March, I have so many content topics in my pipeline. I can sit there thinking, oh, I got everything figured out for next week. You know why? Because I lived a pretty interesting life. So [00:07:00] far, I moved to, I lived in three different countries.

I switched three different industries from IT, healthcare, medical device, and even the movie industry. I went to film school. So, I have a lot of interesting, and I run a marathon. So, from a person who hates running. So, because I feel I have these interesting stories, so, I can write them, share them. But, now, we are talking about six, seven months in, I kind of deplete my inventory.

So, what I tell me is if you want to show up on LinkedIn, you better have a life worth of sharing, worth of documenting. So, now I think writing on LinkedIn is a challenge for me. Every day is, Sunny, have you start a new challenge? Have you doing something worthy of documenting? Or, have you spent time reflecting?

So, I guess to write on every day, something worth of sharing is a constant reminder of living a life [00:08:00] worth of sharing. I hope that makes sense. 

Jenny: Sunny, that is so beautiful. It absolutely makes sense and is very similar to the beautiful content you share on LinkedIn. So, I love it so much. And, I will comment and I will agree that many people on LinkedIn are passive consumers of content.

So, I, just like you, often people inbox me or text me or call me about a content piece that I published and never will have liked any of my content for years, but they were consuming it the entire time. So, I totally agree with you. LinkedIn is a little different from that perspective. So, well, Sunny, thank you so much for being on today.

This was a really fun conversation. Listeners. I’m going to put the link to Sunny’s LinkedIn profile in the show notes. Please go follow her if you want a daily dose of positivity each morning, and we look forward to seeing you back on here in the future for another episode of We Are, Marketing Happy.

Have a [00:09:00] great day.

Sunny: Thanks, Jenny.



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Jenny Bristow is the CEO and Founder of Hedy & Hopp. Prior to starting Hedy & Hopp, Jenny launched, grew and sold a digital agency in Seattle and worked at Amazon. She was named one of St. Louis Business Journal’s 30 under 30, won a Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018 and speaks regularly at healthcare marketing industry events.

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