A path to privacy-forward, compliant healthcare marketing analytics

Update your existing analytics to a HIPAA-compliant, server-side setup that gets you back to data-driven marketing – without a new platform.

Get compliant healthcare marketing analytics – without new software.

Keep your existing analytics with a compliant server-side setup.

Many healthcare marketers have stripped analytics tracking from their websites, leaving them with the options of flying blind or paying steep annual costs for a new platform.

Not every organization has the time, resources, or budget for a new tool – but they need their data to do high-performing marketing.

Our Patient Privacy Analytics offering helps you keep your analytics through a compliant server-side analytics setup, giving you back the data you need to do patient marketing that, well, works.

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Option 1: Server-Side Setup Support

Use our privacy analytics expertise to guide your team’s implementation of server-side Google Tag Manager (sGTM).


  • Server setup audit and guidance
  • Setup of sGTM container, including routing of existing GTM container and GA events
  • “How to” documentation for configuring compliant sGTM settings
  • Three (3) live consultation sessions to support implementation team

Best For:

  • Marketing teams with access to developers (in-house or agency)
  • Marketing teams who want a “gut check” of their own team’s sGTM work

One-Time Cost:

  • $3,500

Option 2: Full-Service Implementation

Use our privacy analytics and development experts to fully implement a compliant analytics setup with server-side GTM (sGTM) and Google Analytics.


  • Setup and configuration of compliant server
  • Setup of sGTM container, including routing of existing GTM container and GA events
  • Compliant configuration of any custom events, including Meta and Google conversion APIs
  • Creation of testing property and pre-launch testing
  • Launch and completion of post-launch testing

Best For:

  • Marketing teams with limited access to developers
  • Marketing teams who need a hands-off approach to achieving a compliant analytics setup

One-Time Cost:

  • $12-$15K (depending on number of configurations)
  • Option for ongoing monthly support & hosting

Case Study: HIPAA-Compliant Google Analytics

See how we helped a nationally-recognized children’s hospital gain access to critical marketing performance data while staying compliant.

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