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Maggie + Jenny – Round 2

Isn’t it beautiful when life comes full circle?

About 20 years ago (eek 😖), I hired my first ever direct report – Maggie Piasecki.

We worked together for about four years and had a blast. The photo below is from a conference we attended in San Jose for digital marketing, back in 2004, when we visited the Google campus!

When our careers took us in different directions, we stayed in touch with lunches and happy hours, always trying to find a way for our paths to cross again.

Last year, when I bought out my business partner and had an opportunity to rebuild my leadership team – I called Maggie.

A few months later, she joined as the company’s second in command (though let’s be real, she is usually first in command 🤣).

As we approach our one-year anniversary working together (8/8), I wanted to take a moment to pause and appreciate my dear friend.

Maggie makes every day a joy and is a true testament to our company’s core values.

She is the reason why recruiting hasn’t been an issue over the last year – everyone wants to work with Maggie! Once you work with her – you respect and love her. She is a true gem.

Maggie – thank you for being you! I’m so appreciative to have you back in my life again and can’t wait to see where we go together!




About the Author

Jenny Bristow is the CEO and Founder of Hedy & Hopp. Prior to starting Hedy & Hopp, Jenny launched, grew and sold a digital agency in Seattle and worked at Amazon. She was named one of St. Louis Business Journal’s 30 under 30, won a Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018 and speaks regularly at healthcare marketing industry events.

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