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Marketing Intelligence Dashboards: Some Inspiration

We had a busy fall attending SHSMD, HCIC and SMASH – our first in-person events since COVID. While marketing dashboards are always a hot topic, it seemed like everyone was excited to hear more about what is possible, see examples of custom dashboards, and talk about their tracking initiatives for next year.

If you’re planning on enhancing your marketing tracking game in 2023, here are some examples of custom dashboards we created for clients this year.

Location-Specific Marketing Drilldown:

If you’re promoting multiple locations or service lines, it is helpful to integrate all data into one master dashboard so you can drill down as needed.

For this dashboard, we created an Executive Summary tab that outlines the performance in totality, and the client can drill down per location using the tabs on the left. A simple “download PDF” function allows their internal team to quickly generate reports for each location, saving hours (and hours) of what was once manual work.

HR Marketing Tracker:

Many of our provider clients use our marketing expertise not only to drive patient volumes, but also to fill difficult-to-hire positions. HR as an extension of marketing is happening quickly, and tracking campaigns from ad spend to hire is important to show value.

This dashboard integrates all marketing campaigns (Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook, Display/Retargeting, etc) and syncs directly with Oracle, allowing the client to understand how much each interview and hire cost in terms of marketing dollars.

Fully-Integrated Marketing ROI Tracker

Both of these dashboards are fully-integrated marketing ROI trackers, meaning they not only integrate all dollars spent but also leverage form, chat, and call tracking to ensure each conversion is properly attributed:

Team Alignment Dashboard

Sometimes, your entire team needs to focus on ONE goal. That is the purpose of this dashboard, where the entire team was focused on improving the conversion rate of a specific form on their website:

Our team has built specific trackers to bring a team’s goal to life often. It’s a great way to align teams, especially in a virtual environment.

Do you have a specific dashboard or tracking issue you’re tackling in 2023? Reach out, we’d love to chat.



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Jenny Bristow is the CEO and Founder of Hedy & Hopp. Prior to starting Hedy & Hopp, Jenny launched, grew and sold a digital agency in Seattle and worked at Amazon. She was named one of St. Louis Business Journal’s 30 under 30, won a Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018 and speaks regularly at healthcare marketing industry events.

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