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Raising brand awareness and driving qualified leads through a targeted, evolving content program

B2B Lead Generation  |  DUOS Healthcare Technology

The Challenge

DUOS, a startup technology company connecting Medicare Advantage members with the supplemental benefits they need to improve their wellbeing, decided it was time to formalize its brand awareness efforts among health insurance providers and drive sales interactions. With a small sales team, these awareness efforts needed to be largely automated and effectively scale across the core target audiences. DUOS challenged Hedy & Hopp to develop a lead generation campaign that could quickly get into the market and be evolved with key learnings for maximum impact.

The Solution

Before we could begin to develop a B2B lead generation strategy, we first had to better get in the minds of DUOS’s core target audiences – leadership at both regional and national medicare payors. To do so, we conducted a workshop with internal key stakeholders designed to uncover the audiences’ objectives, challenges, and motivators. We also worked closely with our key client contact to hone in the company’s core messaging. This, along with insights from this workshop, provided the foundation from which we could build our B2B plan. 

We built a five-month plan that mapped key messages, desired actions, channels, and KPIs per audience — all with the goal of driving a marketing qualified lead (MQL). Messaging evolved each month as the

user interacted with the program, but was deliberate as to not be contingent on the previous month’s message. 

Leveraging email and a targeted paid campaign on LinkedIn, we deployed targeted creative that drove the user to a landing page with more information and key actions of either reading a blog post or accessing a gated whitepaper. All actions were mapped and tracked within HubSpot, which allowed our client to easily pass sales qualified interaction to the sales team. 

Before the start of each month, not only did we make optimizations to the plan based on the previous month’s performance, but we evaluated and modified the planned messaging against DUOS’s evolving sales approach.

The Results

In less than six months, our multi-channel campaign scaled the ability of the DUOS brand to engage its target audience, resulting in:

Total Campaign Reach
LinkedIn Ad Clicks

The robust, yet nimble program enabled the team with the flexibility to successfully integrate changes to product messaging and adjust audience targeting as needed. In partnership with our client, we generated both short and long-form content that can be extended for future use, along with successfully building out a marketing-to-sales qualification workflow within their CRM platform, HubSpot.

Hedy & Hopp were fantastic partners on our B2B brand awareness and lead gen efforts. Not only were they adept at keeping parallel, interdependent lines of work moving at a brisk pace, they handled multiple messaging pivots. Change is constant for start-ups, and the Hedy & Hopp team rode the ups and downs with me with ease and a great sense of humor.”
– Hannah Byam, VP Marketing, DUOS

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