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An easy-to-use, comprehensive dashboard provides a clear view of the KPIs needed to inform future decisions

Marketing Analytics & Insights  |  DUOS Healthcare Technology

The Challenge

How can you make informed, efficient marketing decisions when your performance data is scattered across multiple platforms? That’s what our client, DUOS, was struggling with when they came to us for help. Like many marketers, our client was working across multiple campaign and analytics platforms, requiring them to manually pull and synchronize data in an effort to report on performance to their leadership team. It was cumbersome and time consuming, but more importantly, the disparate platforms created room for data inconsistencies impacting their ability to trust the data for informed decision-making. The need for an easy-to-use, comprehensive dashboard with reliable data was high.

The Solution

It was clear to us that not only did all of the analytics and reporting platforms need to be aggregated into one platform, but also constructed in such a manner that provided our client with the salient information she needed to understand if her marketing initiatives across web performance, B2B awareness and lead generation were successful and if not, why. 

We first developed a holistic measurement plan across all areas of marketing at. This allowed us to clearly understand all pertinent metrics, how they worked together, and how to best prioritize and organize them.

More importantly, the plan provided an opportunity to ensure alignment with our client on the approach. 

With a solid foundation in place, we leveraged Looker Studio to build the holistic marketing dashboard because it allowed us to easily integrate data across all current platforms–Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Paid Social–while providing the level of detail needed to our client. It also allowed us to design the dashboard in a way that was easy-to-navigate for individuals who may not be as involved with DUOS’ marketing work, but need the pertinent data to make future decisions.

The Results

The DUOS marketing dashboard was an intuitive and informative tool that provided consistency across a variety of initiatives. The dashboard provided a clear view of KPIs and the ability to filter data, which allowed our client to efficiently understand performance and inform future decisions. Developing reports and answering questions was no longer time consuming and cumbersome. Additionally, we specifically built and designed the dashboard in a manner that was easy to maintain and expand without the need for engineering support, which provided our client more autonomy and nimbleness.

As a marketing team of one, it is often difficult to carve out enough time to conduct detailed campaign analyses – and it’s even harder when the data lives in separate systems. Hedy & Hopp helped me create not only a consistent measurement approach but a reporting infrastructure that will easily scale with our efforts over time.” – Hannah Byam, VP Marketing, DUOS

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