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Building the detailed roadmaps needed for a successful, highly-targeted member acquisition campaign

Member Marketing & Engagement  |  DUOS Healthcare Technology

The Challenge

Our client, DUOS, had the opportunity to pilot its service, a technology that connects older adults with untapped supplemental benefits provided by their Medicare Advantage plans, with a national health insurance provider. The insurance provider set a goal for DUOS to convert at least 5% of a designated population of 4,000 diabetic members in a specific set of counties within a 6 month period. With an aggressive goal in place, DUOS turned to Hedy & Hopp to devise a scalable marketing program that could help them reach, engage and activate program members. 

The Solution

It was crucial that we built a strong foundation from which DUOS could execute. We began by conducting a workshop with key internal stakeholders to further define the target audience, to gain a better understanding of their desires and challenges. This allowed us to effectively define the customer journey with objectives and desired behaviors per stage, all leading towards signing up for the DUOS service. 

We then built an engagement framework that detailed the audience challenges and needs by journey stage, mapped key DUOS messages, plotted promotional channels, and defined KPIs to help overcome and address both the challenges and needs. We conducted a messaging audit of DUOS’ current materials against the framework to identify any content gaps.

With the engagement plan in place, we moved on to develop the implementation plan for the pilot program. 

We needed to integrate the proposed engagement plan into DUOS’ complex technology infrastructure that automated, disseminated, and tracked its programs. Working closely with the DUOS team, we learned the intricacies of their current technology set up and were able to create a simple implementation plan which detailed audience cohorts, a full measurement plan, data collection and tracking specifics, and detailed audience cohorts, with a tactical deployment calendar by cohort. 

With both the engagement and implementation plan developed, DUOS was equipped to tackle the conversion goal put forth by the national insurance provider.

The Results

The two plans, engagement and implementation, gave DUOS a clear and simple road map to follow for their pilot program.

The engagement plan provided DUOS a deeper understanding of their target audience and how to best deliver relevant, motivating messages that would move them down the journey and to enrollment. It also set out a straightforward channel strategy to ensure the messages reached the target audience and defined success at each stage. 

The implementation plan built upon the engagement plan, with an eye towards activation, by dividing the target audience into salient cohorts and built a deployment cadence and scheduled touchpoints that would give DUOS the best means to track performance and manage all signup requests. It also detailed how the program would easily integrate into the existing technology infrastructure without interruption. 

DUOS was able to surpass its engagement targets for the given population. Furthermore, these two plans were so thorough that the client used them as templates for additional pilot programs DUOS participated in.

The team at Hedy & Hopp really took the time to understand our existing martech infrastructure and the unique aspects of marketing within the Medicare Advantage space. Because of their thoughtful and comprehensive approach to journey planning, I’ve been able to leverage this work across a broad book of clients and exceed activation targets.”
– Hannah Byam, VP Marketing, DUOS

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