Paid Media Audit Program

Dust off those old campaigns with fresh insights that align with your new goals.

Why It’s Time for an Audit

Paid media best practices change quickly.

What worked in 2019 may not be the best approach for 2025. New tactics that should be incorporated have emerged, and some tactics that used to be valuable are no longer allowed because of new privacy regulations. Do your campaigns reflect current best practices?

We have built three quick-turn, one-time packages to help you get there. H&H will audit your current campaigns and provide a thorough analysis as well as next step recommendations to optimize your account performance.

This program is great for you if:

  • You haven’t had time to do a proper paid media audit to guide strategy pivots
  • You have run the same paid media campaigns for a while, and your campaigns have gone stale
  • You aren’t sure if the tactics you’re using are still allowed or are HIPAA compliant
  • You have a difficult time proving (or can’t prove) the ROI of your paid media efforts
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Paid Media Audit Packages

We bring our deep knowledge of healthcare, analytics, and marketing to become the extended team you need – and trust – to refresh your paid media campaign strategy.

Tier 1: Search-Only Revamp

We look at all facets of paid media performance, including:
  • Ad Copy
  • Sitelinks
  • Budget Allocation
  • Bidding
  • Strategy
  • Keyword
  • Landing Pages
  • Campaign Structure
Best For: Brands focusing solely on search campaigns

Investment: $9,500

Tier 2: Multi-Platform & Conversion

We look at performance and conversion tracking across multiple channels, including:
  • Includes Tier 1 + Additional Media Platform Review
  • UTM Strategy
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Success Metrics
Best For: Brands managing campaigns across multiple platforms

Investment: $13,000

Tier 3: Comprehensive Compliance

We look at performance, conversion, and privacy, including:
  • Includes Tiers 1 & 2
  • Privacy Audit
  • Third-Party Tracking
  • Audience Targeting
  • Account Sharing
Best For: Brands seeking a holistic approach, with a focus on patient privacy and multi-platform audits

Investment: $15,000

A Partner You Can Trust

Our Google Premier Partner status puts us in the top 3% of agencies in the United States utilizing Google Ads for their clients.

Premier Partner status is determined by a combination of Campaign Performance, Total Spend Managed, and Certifications held by Hedy & Hopp team members.

Our exclusive focus on healthcare marketing, combined with Google Premier Partner status, ensures you’ll receive focused and effective recommendations.

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